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Our students and clients with our assistance opened more than 350 studios and workshops over the past 3 years (June 2011 - 2014) throughout Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany and Italy.

Learn sharpening from the professionals

Sharpening tools is a profitable and high-needed field of activity. At the moment, you can see that in this field there is relatively low competition. Few people sharpen well, so these companies and professionals are in great demand. This is due, firstly, to the lack of appropriate equipment and materials in the Russian market and, accordingly, the lack of good and effective technology for sharpening hairdressing and manicure tools. But now we can assert that such technology is there. So this market is very young. Manicurists and hair stylists are ready to pay a lot for the quality and vice versa, even for cheap they do not need bad sharpening. And we'll teach you always to sharpen with quality.

Learn sharpening and earn money

We teach sharpening all kinds of tools we do sharpen. Our quality standard is: 100% of customers are satisfied by your sharpening and become your loyal customers.

Our masters have worked for such companies as "The first professional sharpening workshop", "Kulikov sharpening studio". We have wide experience in sharpening manicure, hairdressing, professional and household tools.

Which studio is it better to learn sharpening in?

Now there are relatively many centres teaching tool sharpening in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but how can a person choose who decided to learn this lucrative profession?

In this business, there are several critical factors that determine whether you build a profitable company and whether you will become perfect and popular professional in this business or not. The first integral and the most important factor - is the quality of sharpening, that is the quality of the final product. The quality must be such that customers turn to you again and again. So that of 10 tools taken for the sharpening from the customer there is no one, that the customer would not be satisfied. If there are such tools – it means the technology is bad.

If you learn from us – it will be easy to achieve this standard because our technology is unique, and no one provides the sharpening of such quality as we do, so that customers will address to you constantly.

So what workshop and what technology of sharpening you have to choose? That one that will teach you quickly and accurately. But most importantly - a consistently high standard of sharpening quality.

We will teach you everything you need to quickly reach a quality result, starting from how to put lighting, and finishing with checking the tool and also provide you all equipment necessary for work.

What distinguishes our sharpening technology from sharpening technologies offered by other studios and masters?

In the sharpening of manicure tools it is impossible to invent something completely new. We like all the other masters sharpen all nippers planes, both inner and outer. The difference is in the materials used and the machine. And yet there is a difference in a range of tools can be sharpened by a studio and with what quality. Since you can earn not only on sharpening manicure and hairdressing tools, but also on knives, chains for chain saws, blades for hairdressing machines. It is very important with what quality you sharpen these tools.

Why do sharpening lessons take place in our studio?

In Moscow there are offers for teaching sharpening when the master visits you in the city and on the site teaches you to sharpening. We offer teaching to sharpen just in the studio, because it is the only way you can see working business, "feel" the customers, learn more about the organization of business and workplaces, to communicate with the professional masters sharpeners and begin to sharpen the tools to customers. We do not seek to just take the money for teaching sharpening and leave you alone. We are proud of the fact that more than 200 of our clients have opened their own workshop or studio with our assistance over the past year and a half.

How to organize your business on sharpening?

The second and equally important factor in this case is the organization of business. Although if you have perfect quality and loyal customers, people will deal with you, and find contact through "word of mouth", but in order to generate more revenue you need to know the most important organizational moments. We`ll tell you in detail about such moments as: Advantages and disadvantages of traveling work when you sharpen the tools at the site, for example, in a beauty salon. How does it affect your income?

Sales manicure and hairdressing tools. Where it is profitable to buy the tools in bulk?

Methods of searching for customers through the Internet and other ways.

Studying with us, you will learn the principles of the workshop operation, effective methods to attract customers and get ready business model.


We will teach you such things as:

  • Search for a good place for office location
  • Selection of staff
  • The range of manicure tools for sale
  • Teaching of key cutting technology
  • Website development and advertising

What tools do we teach to sharpen professionally?

Manicure and pedicure tools:

Study sharpening
  • cuticle nippers
  • nail nippers
  • cuticlescissors
  • nail scissors
  • scrapers, pushers
  • spikes
  • nail trimmers
  • tweezers for ingrown nail
  • nail nippers of "moon" type
  • nail nippers of "sail" type
  • tweezers (various types)

Hairdressing tools:

Study sharpening
  • Straight scissors (sharpening for the slicing - beveled cut)
  • Straight scissors notched for men's haircuts
  • Thinning scissors
  • The blades for hair trimmers

Household and garden tools:

  • Knives for lawn mowers
  • Hedge scissors
  • Axes
Study sharpening
  • Japanese knives
  • Hunting knives
  • Ceramic knives
  • Damask steel knives
  • Restaurant cutters
  • Restaurant knives
  • Folding knives
  • Chains for chainsaws
  • Knives and grids for household meat mincers
  • Knives and grids for industrial meat mincers


We help you to buy the necessary equipment and materials. We will teach you at our equipment or at yours in your option. The equipment itself is not included to the cost of learning.

How much time will the studying take?

Duration of teaching is 1 week (7 days). When you sign up to the teaching we give you a list of tools that we learn to sharpen. When you learn to sharpen a tool, you put your signature against this item and the master puts his signature. When you have finished the list - you'll end up learning.

The cost of studying

The cost of studying consists of costs that need to be put into the student. This is a time of the master who will teach you,the tools, which you exercise, etc.

1 week


Teaching with departure to your city (the equipment as a gift)

700 USD

1500 USD

2000 USD. + travel + accommodation of our specialist

7 sessions.
You learn at our tools.
You can learn at our or your equipment.

You learn as long as you gain confidence in your abilities.
You learn at our tools.
You can learn at our or your equipment.

About 10 days of intensive training.
You learn at our tools.
You learn at your equipment, which is included in the cost of learning.

The cost of equipment

For the sharpening of manicure and hairdressing tools you need equipment worth: 3 machines for 107 usd., sharpening wheels - 27 usd. + 27 usd. + 84 usd. + 84 usd., pastes for polishing - 12 usd. + 12 usd. Totaling 564 usd.

For the sharpening of other tools you need equipment worth: machine for 124 usd. + Machine for 50 usd. + machine for 42 usd. + consumables for the sum of 4 usd. Totaling 219 usd. All equipment in the amount of 457 usd. This amount is approximate, as the price of machines and consumables can vary up or down.

We will help you to buy all the equipment for sharpening, that you will need, for you to immediately start your own business.



We have taught and helped to create business to many people. We are always pleased to see how our former students and customers become highly paid professionals in their field and are turning to our services again!

Call us and we will answer all your questions!

The whole sharpening is warranted!

If you bring your tools to our office - that sharpening is done with you in a few minutes!