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Sharpening of hairdressing scissors

In Moscow, there are a lot of sharpening workshops and sharpening studios that sharpen the hairdressing scissors and hair-thinning scissors, and all of them do sharpening in different ways. We specialize in professional sharpening of hairdressing tools, scissors, do sharpening of hair-thinning scissors.

What sharpening studio is the best?

Of course the best is the sharpening, which recovers original properties of the hairdressing scissors, which they used to have. For straight scissors it mans not only the sharpness of the cutting blade, smooth easy travel, but also such thing as "slicing". "Slicing" or "oblique cut" is a way of haircutting, when the hairdresser is moving scissors over the hair without pressing and the hair gently cut without a hitch. A new pair of scissors has this property. But most of the studios in Moscow cannot sharpen the tool that way because it requires special materials. We use hairdressing sharpening scissors technology, which allows you to have scissors sharpened for slicing! We sharpen hairdressing scissors and correct them if they have fallen, if the tip or the blade base has become blunt, if the cutting edge is damaged or burrs (for example, when a pair of scissors cut something hard, or they have fallen).

On sharpening of self-sharpening haircutting scissors.

These scissors are made in one of two ways. Either through the use of two or more metals with different hardness. Then the metals go in layers from more solid to a softer one. Or through the heat treatment, when the steel is quenched unequally, and certain areas are harder than others. In both cases, this effect is achieved as follows: when working with scissors, first softer metal grinds, and then more sold one, and the scissors become blunt more slowly. But they do become blunt and we sharpen them no less frequently than that are not Գelf-sharpeningԮ

A little bit on sharpening of the hair thinning scissors. Hair thinning scissors often start jamming and clinging hair. This is due to the fact that they are blunt or after a fall. It means they need sharpening. Contact us anytime! We do sharpening of hot hairdressing scissors. Proper sharpening of the hot scissors requires special accuracy, minimal metal removal, compliance with the sharpening angle. We also sharpen hot hair thinning scissors.

When sharpening hairdressing scissors we remove minimum metal to ensure the sharpness and sharpening durability and no more. We also polish the tool using jewelry polishing pastes and use unique sharpening materials and technologies. After sharpening hairdressing scissors cut like new ones, no jamming, no clinging and do slicing.

Your tool will work as a new after our sharpening! Contact us any time!

The whole sharpening is warranted!

If you bring your tools to our office - that sharpening is done with you in a few minutes!