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Knife sharpening

Knife sharpening in Sharp Studio means quality! We do professionally:

  • Ceramic knife sharpening
  • Hunting knife sharpening
  • Tourist sharpening
  • Japanese kitchen knife sharpening
  • German kitchen knife sharpening
  • Knife blank sharpening
  • Axe sharpening
  • Damascus steel knife sharpening

Why knives need professional sharpening


Knife sharpening is an art. And we know how to do it. Please look at our works in the photo below. Your knife will be sharpened like that. That's why we offer you to sharpen knives with us. Unfortunately, oddly enough, nowadays a good knife sharpening specialist is hard to find. In the markets, at key-cutters', ironmonger's shops you can hardly have a good sharpening of hunting knife, expensive Japanese knife, they wonӴ take up a ceramic one at all. Because key-cutters', ironmonger's shops at the markets do not specialize in it, gain a primary income from other services, so itӳ understandable.

We sharpen hunting knives, folding knives and cutlery worth up to several thousand rubles. But no matter how much your knife costs, if you bring it to us, or call a courier, you can be sure that we will make it so sharp that you can shave with it.

We also do sharpening of ceramic knives. It is surprising that even the stores often sell knives with poor sharpening. They have a rough cutting edge. People bring us the new knives to have them sharpened, because they want to make them very sharp. If needed, we will set a new cutting edge, polish it, and bring to a maximum sharpness.

We have created a high-quality sharpening technology based on foreign expertise and technology.

Since there were no good specialists in this field, there are many myths of the "professionalsҢ tips.

Call us, and we will answer any questions regarding your knife and sharpening. Our studio employs real masters of their trade!

Frequently-asked questions about sharpening

Knife sharpening angle. When sharpening the knives we use expensive Swedish machine Tormek. This equipment allows keeping to a sharpening angle up to 1 degree and making the edge sharp as a razor. Sharpening on Tormek machines is performed with the use of water cooling, thus avoiding the blade overheating.

How is our knife sharpening different from knife sharpening in other places?

BY QUALITY. We are one of the few who use professional sharpening equipment, which accurately keeps the sharpening angle and enables to set it from 3 to 80 degrees. Your knife will not be as good as the new one, it will be better than the new one!

How to check the knife sharpening quality?

You can try to shave the hair on your arm. After our sharpening the knife will shave. You can also check out a knife on a plain paper: if it cuts a piece of paper easily, then it is sharp sharply.

How does the metal quality influence sharpening quality?

In fact, the metal quality, its hardness does not affect sharpening, but affect the duration of the knife sharpness. Hard-alloy knives keep sharpening longer at intensive work than those made of soft alloys.

Do we sharpen Damascus steel knives?

Yes, of course. Damascus steel is patterned cast stainless steel with a different composition of carbon in the alloy, which forms pattern on the metal. The blades of Damascus steel are subject to sharpening, like other knives.

What is the right angle for knife sharpening?

Knives differ, and for different types of knives this angle varies from 5 to 45 degrees. The smaller the angle, the sharper the knife. But the larger it is, the longer it will keep sharpening. We set the angle accurate within 1 degree, can set factory angle on the knife or make it sharper. If necessary, we change the sharpening angle strongly, for example from 45 degrees to 10 degrees, but the sharpening will take longer. H owever, we can do this as well.

How long will the knife remain sharp?

The better sharpening, the longer it keeps. This is the property of cutting tools. For example, we bring a knife to a razor sharpness and it is preserved for a very long time, even at intensive use.

Can ceramic knives be sharpened?

Yes, they can. We sharpen ceramic knives on the special equipment. If a ceramic knife has chips, hollows, we remove them. Your ceramic knife will not differ from the new one after our sharpening or will become even sharper.

Do we sharpen the axes?

Yes, we do. How should they be sharpened? We can sharpen the ax so that you can shave with it. For this, it is necessary to do sharpening on several grinding abrasives, staring from the rough, finishing with the finest. But why do you use the ax for? At your request, the specialist can make the ax so sharp that they can shave. But we recommend at sharpening the ax not to bring it up to the edge of a razor, because after the first blow of the ax on the tree it will become blunt and will serve for less time. For the ax to work well, you need to make a broad cutting edge of about 1-2 cm on the rough abrasives, finish it on a smaller wheel, keeping the angle of 15-20 degrees. Then the ax will chop very well and will serve for a long time.

Should I fit the knife myself after your sharpening?

If your knife has become blunt over time, you can fit it yourself using mussat. We sell diamond coated mussats specifically for this purpose.

About knife sharpening.

Sharpness is the main feature of the cutting tool, knife. We do professional knife sharpening, so that the knife can shave. Proper, good knife sharpening is done on special machines and with special materials, which enables to sharpen the knife well and quickly. That's why we do sharpening of hunting knives, sharpening Japanese, German knives and other metal knives on special expensive Swedish machine Tormek.

Do we recommend to use for knife sharpening, ceramic, abrasive or diamond stones? Of course, the stones differ. We have been sharpening the knives for many years and we have had the experience, when the specialists tried to sharpen the knife on the diamond bars, worth up to 5,000 rubles, and the result was unsatisfactory. Moreover, the customers often bring us knives, which they tried to sharpen on branded bars and stones worth a few thousand rubles, and spoiled the knife. Quality knife sharpening can be done on the special machines, the cutting edge can be fitted and set, make it smooth and at any angle.

Even if you have an expensive knife, it still blunts and it should be sharpened. If it is sharpened by non-professional, the knife can be damaged and it would negate any savings. Expensive Japanese knives, ceramic, hunting, folding knives require good sharpening as they are made of high-quality hard alloys. If such knives are sharpened in quality way, they will be easy and pleasant to work with, they will serve for a long time.

You can shave with our knife!

If the knife is impossible to shave with after our sharpening, we will not take your money. *

Sharpening is performed using special equipment. We remove all burrs and potholes on the cutting edge, as well as the rust. We are restore the blades mechanically defective or damaged after poor quality sharpening with damaged, burnt or overheat cutting edge. Sharpening is done before you on the spot. You can also call the courier.

* You cannot shave with ceramic knives, only with the metal ones

Samples of our works:

Hunting knife before sharpening after sharpening Kitchen knife before sharpening after sharpening Japenese knife Yaxell, Damascus steel before sharpening after sharpening

The whole sharpening is warranted!

If you bring your tools to our office - that sharpening is done with you in a few minutes!