Studio Sharp

Manicure tool sharpening

We provide:
  • cuticle nippers sharpening
  • cuticle scissors sharpening
  • tweezer sharpening
  • scraper (pusher) sharpening
  • spade sharpening
  • eyelashes tweezer sharpening

All sharpening is done on professional equipment by the specialists with many years of experience. Other sharpening studios often bring manicure tools for us to alter them and we successfully resharpen them. Therefore, the number of our regular customers is constantly growing.

Special offer! 1 pair of cuticle nippers* for free when sharpening 3 or more tools *- nippers needs sharpening

How is our manicure tool sharpening different from sharpening in other studios? Quality! Quality, sharpness, convergence accuracy are the most important things for manicure tool sharpening. Manicure tool sharpening is what we specialize in.

How should the cuticle nippers cut? It should cut the cuticle without pressure, without a hitch. After quality sharpening of the cuticle nippers, not only the nose, but also the entire blade cuts. It has to work softly and have no backlash. They should look aesthetic, be beautiful, polished, free of burrs. After a good sharpening, cuticle nippers converge almost simultaneously in nose and foot, so that it ‘s hard to find the gap by sight.

We do manicure tools sharpening professionally and that’s how they work. This is shown in the video below. We also train high-quality sharpening of manicure tools. We use a very efficient training technique to quickly teach future specialist to sharpen cuticle nippers, nail clippers. When sharpening manicure tools, quality is essential. We sharpen nippers, nail clippers so that they cut perfectly, you won’t feel them cutting the cuticle, as you will not have to exert effort to work with the tool.

Nail clipper sharpening is a kind of art

We sharpen the manicure tools using custom-made materials. To develop such sharpening technology we had to gain extensive experience, study the work of many sharpening professionals.

Why do we recommend to sharpen the tools in the workshop, and not with the "travelling masters", who come to the beauty salon and sharpen manicure tools then and there. The answer is simple - quality. For example, for nippers sharpening we use at least 3 machines, 3 lamps set at precise angle that shouldn’t be moved. In addition to machines we need an anvil, hammers, a centre-punch (to eliminate nippers backlash), oil and other tools and supplies, without which it is impossible to do very good manicure tool sharpening. Please contact us, we will restore your nippers, scissors, tweezers, even after poor-quality sharpening and even if your tool was damaged.

We also do wholesale sharpening of manicure tools, nippers, tweezers. Working conditions with the wholesalers are negotiated separately. Quality of sharpening in case of wholesale sharpening will be just the same as in the retail sharpening.

Manicure tool sharpening is a procedure that requires high qualification of the specialist. You need to have extensive experience and knowledge of the tools, metal to sharpen manicure tools in a quality way.

Manicure tools, nippers in particular, often require sharpening. And it is extremely important for both the specialist and the customer to have the sharp tool. No customer would like the nippers to twitch the skin and cause discomfort.

Even new nippers needs sharpening

Unfortunately, you cannot buy nippers for professional work in ordinary stores. They will be sharpened in a bad way. But whatever tool you have bought you can always bring it to us and we will sharpen it for professional work. Another fault, which is often inherent in nippers, is backlash (nippers become cranky, the movement is too loose). If nippers have a backlash - even if they are well sharpened – they may cut once, and then fail to cut.

There are ways to determine if the nippers have a backlash known only by a specialist. An ordinary person or a non-specialist may even fail to understand that the nippers have a backlash and fail to determine the reason for the poor performance of the tools. We remove the nippers backlash.

The nippers should have thick rather then thin jaws. This makes them much easier to use. Moreover, the nippers must have a sharp nose, but it should not scratch. There are also several other features that are very important.

Handle your nippers carefully. We are often brought nippers with bent or twisted-off noses. Always put the nippers with the cutting edge up. It is desirable to keep the nippers in the cap (we give caps as a gift). Wipe or dry the tool after washing, for it not to rust. And have the nippers sharpened by a competent professional.

We do tool sharpening for our customers with the same quality as that of the tools that we sell.

We sell easy-to use and reliable manicure tools

We offer nippers made of durable, good-quality metal only, which withstands alaminol and hot-air sterilization. You can choose the cuticle nipper here, or even order the tools you need with us. Where to buy quality sharpened manicure tools?

The whole sharpening is warranted!

If you bring your tools to our office - that sharpening is done with you in a few minutes!