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Hair trimmer blade sharpening

Hair trimmer blade sharpening is our main activity. We use special-purpose imported equipment for sharpening. We do quality sharpening of hair trimmer blades. Sharpening is done according to American technologies on American equipment. It is important that when we do the sharpening, these blades are scraped over a special plate.

This technology of trimmer sharpening has existed in the USA for a long time. The first machines for animal clipper blade sharpening appeared in the USA over 30 years ago. In this country of sharpening technology. We use the latest machines and technology to sharpen any clippers in a quality way. There are many types of hair and fur clippers. Accordingly, there are many types of sharpening, because not all the clippers and their operation principles are the same. Any manual sharpening on any stones does not provide perfect quality and is time-consuming for the sharpener. We do not do it. We offer trimmer blade sharpening only on the professional special-purpose equipment, on the same equipment on which the blades are made. Due to this, we achieve the highest quality of sharpening. If you take the new blade and the sharpened blade and take a look at the inner cutting plane, then you will not see the difference, because the blades will be like brand-new. Besides sharpening, we fit the blade unit components; that is no less important than sharpening itself. Indeed, over time or if the blades are handled improperly, other elements of the unit may be deformed. They must be properly fit and recovered to the original condition. All this provides flawless performance of the blade unit after our sharpening. The blade that you sharpened with us does as many hair-cuts as the new one, as it will not be different from the new blade. We sharpen knives for Moser, Aesculap, Oster, Wahl, Andis, Philips, Panasonic hair trimmers etc. In addition, we sharpen blades of the ceramic blade trimmers.

Sharpening of hair trimmer blades is not an easy task and requires special knowledge and training, which has not been available in Russia so far. That is why it often happens that instead of sharpening, the sharpeners damage the blades and they begin to cut even worse than they used to. But it can be corrected even after poor quality sharpening. Yet how do we sharpen hair trimmer blades?

  • Dissemble the blade unit
  • Clean the blades
  • Sharpen the blades
  • Wash and clean the blades to remove the metal dust and dirt after sharpening
  • Fit the blade unit guide (if any)
  • Adjust the backlash spring for better blade contact (if any)
  • Re-assemble the blade unit
  • Fit the guide on a plane for a better grip with the blade unit latch (if any)
  • Lubricate the blades
  • Check the trimmer blades on fur or hair (if trimmer is available)

If your trimmer blades went blunt, a tooth broke off the blade or the blades are rusted, you need not to throw them away. Blade sharpening is much more profitable than buying the new ones. The hair trimmer blades can be sharpened many times.

Bring us your blades or call the courier and we revive your tool!

Samples of our work:

Before sharpening After sharpening
Before sharpening After sharpening
Before sharpening After sharpening

The whole sharpening is warranted!

If you bring your tools to our office - that sharpening is done with you in a few minutes!