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Sharpening of meat grinder knives and platesAbout meat grinder sharpening

We do sharpening of knives and plates on special sharpening machines. All knives and plates are sharpened in strict accordance with the technical requirements.

We also sharpen knives and plates for industrial meat grinders. Their diameter ranges from 7 to 15 cm. These knives and plates are included in the set in 5 pieces, 3 plates and 2 knives. Food production facilities, cafes, canteens and restaurants use our services.

When people talk about meat grinder sharpening grinder, they mean sharpening of the meat grinder knife and plate. Or rather grinding of the meat grinder knife and plate. The fact is that during the grinder operation the meat grinder knife is worn out, and its respective part the plate becomes blunt. To make the process of meat cutting effective it is necessary that the meat grinder knife and plate were in tight (without any gap) contact with each other. Of course, the higher is meat grinder steel quality, the longer it will be able to retain its cutting ability. But sooner or later you will still need to sharpen it. The plate itself is usually subject to less wear as a consequence of a solid steel from which it is made.

Meat grinder sharpening is done on a professional sustomized expensive equipment with water cooling.

On the right industrial meat grinder knife before sharpening, on the left meat grinder knife after sharpening.

After sharpening the grinder works like a new one, gives a higher yield of meat, it is easy to work!

The whole sharpening is warranted!

If you bring your tools to our office - that sharpening is done with you in a few minutes!